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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whew...  where has the time gone?  This blogging thing scares me.  I should ask what is the worst that could happen...  lol!

Recently returned from visiting two of my grandchildren.  Taylor, my seven year old grandson enjoyed sewing on my 1947 FW sewing machine.  He designed 3 crosses to applique on his T-shirt.  He operates it by himself.  He has gotten quite efficient at putting the needle down; lifting the presser foot; turning the fabric; putting the presser foot down again and resume sewing.  He almost had the needle threaded before he asked for help.  Maybe next time he will be ready for that.

I am new at this but I will see if I can load a few photos of Taylor sewing.

YEAH!  I did it... my very first time!

Here is Ruby, 5 y.o., watching her brother sew.  She also sewed on my FW, I just didn't grab the camera.  We made a princess tutu for Ruby.  

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  1. Hi there, what a treat to get to sew together, Looks like your Grandson is doing a great job, bet he was very pleased with himself. Love your Singer as well.